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Fine Art Printing

Archival paper, museum quality.
Lambda C-type
Giclée Fine Art
Backlit Transparencies
Direct to Media
Professional Canvas
Several options are available
Aluminium Mounting
Dibond Mounting
Foamex Mounting
Kappa board Mounting
Direct print to media
Traditional Fine Art
More details about print

C type print is a digital exposure of the image using RGB laser heads onto silver halide paper and a follow on wet process whereby the chemicals in the wash bring out the image on the paper to archival quality. Different paper types allow matt, gloss, high gloss and metallic appearances in the final image. The paper then needs to be mounted and protected and commonly chosen is reverse mounting on perspex with an aluminium or dibond backing with subframe to complete a “ready to hang” product.

This technique can also be used on transparent film for the display of the image in a lightbox.

Giclee printing uses an inkjet printer to produce high quality images onto fine art papers or direct to media such as wood, metal, perspex, glass or canvas. The final image can be traditionally mounted (passe-partout or similar) or direct prints laminated for protection. Canvas can be provided on stretchers with or without lamination.

The ChromaLuxe® reproduction uses special dyes to Giclee print a transfer of the image which is then pressed onto a metal backing where heat and pressure create a reaction (sublimation) of the dyes fusing the image into the metal surface. This process reproduces the image, in gloss or matt, with extreme colour intensity and sharpness. As the final product is resistant to fire, water, chemicals and abrasion it has archival properties without further processing.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

 If you require it we are happy to include a Certificate of Authenticity for any  piece

of art you purchase from us. We will ship this together with your bought  item at no extra charge.

Wallpaper Printing
Bespoke wallpaper printing
The wallpaper is produced using inkjet printing and drying by UV light. It is suitable for extra large prints.
Excellent range of frame mouldings
Stretched Canvas
Lightbox framing
Keyline framing
Tray framing
Classic (Passe Partout) framing
Our inspiration and mission

to produce the best display of art

the best memory
It is our passion for photography and its reproduction that gives a result we are proud to share. This passion carries our belief that we produce good work. The viewer is of course entitled to his or her opinion and each will reflect differently on the merits of a specific image and how it is displayed. However, no one can detract from our passionate emotions in offering a piece of work to the public in the hope it can enjoy our hard work and share the pleasure it gives us.
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Life time
Production, Packing and Shipping

delivery across the world

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Share your idea with us
If you have a specific request for printing method please let us to know
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We are ready to help with framing
Framed images provide depth of feeling for your room.
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Our Images are well packed
We ensure the standard of shipping and packing brings a safe delivery
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Image installation
Our team can take care of your images to your room, office or anywhere you need help.
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We offer many delivery options covering United Kingdom and International delivery.

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